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The Rise and Decline of Islamic Civilization


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This webquest can be used in various subjects, including social studies, world history, religious studies and foreign relations.


Target Learners

This webquest is designed for middle and high school students, but can be adapted for other levels.


Learning Goals

It is expected that students will be able to:
- gain some understanding of the Islamic faith, history and culture.
- evaluate different factors that led to the rise and decline of Islamic civilization.
- demonstrate awareness of Islamic architecture and art.
- develop basic understanding of the connections between history and culture in
- use technology effectively (the Internet) to research information.
- organize information from a variety of sources and from multiple perspectives.
- work with other classmates and develop sense of teamwork during the process of
doing the webquest activities: exploring, investigating and designing.

Time Requirements

The suggested length for completing this webquest is five days (one hour per day).The first three days are for exploring Islamic civilization (steps 1-5). The fourth day is for designing the brochure. The final day is for presenting each group’s work and conclusion.


Materials & Tools

Technology:Computer for each student or group (with high-speed Internet) and printer.
Students can design their brochure by computer (using software such as Microsoft word and/or Microsoft Publisher) or by hand on heavyweight papers. (The suggested size is 8.5 x 11 inches. Other supplies needed include papers for students’ rough drafts, pencils and pens).

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Permission of Use 

Permission is hereby granted for teachers/educators to use this webquest for educational purposes.



If you use this webquest, please email me your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Thank you.  

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The background image on this page is for a marble stone frieze from the 12th century.
Source: Islamic Arts and Architecture Organization (This image was modified using Photoshop.)
The background image on the other pages is the Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque), Istanbul, Turkey. Source: Islamicity.com (This image was modified using Photoshop.)
The source of Alhambra’s image (left) on the homepage is Picture Book.
The source of Alhambra’s image (right) on the homepage is Doug Alberg's Place.
The source of Taj Mahal’s image is the University of Houston, study abroad office
The source of the image of the Holy Mosque in Mecca is MoonSighting.com

--------------The main source for designing the rubric is Rubrics Makers.